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  • Has your book writing come to a screeching halt because you don’t know what to do next?
  • Are you confused about what to include—and what to leave out?
  • Does something unexpected always seem to come up when you’re ready to start writing? 
  • Do you catch yourself thinking “Who do I think I am to write this book?”
  • Has your enthusiasm for writing your book lost its spark?

Your book writing needs an immediate infusion of


You can make this happen in a four-hour Get Your Mojo Back Book Writing VIP Session with award-winning writer and writing coach Rose Muenker.

Book Writing VIP Session Highlights

Your private Get Your Mojo Back Book Writing VIP Session will emphasize the following:
  • Reveal the major obstacles in your writing process and identify ways to zap them and keep them from coming back. 
  • Ensure the core message is one that will entice and benefit the readers you want to reach.
  • Narrow down your book’s theme into the most important points to cover so your book is manageable for you to write and for your ideal readers to read.
  • Organize your key topics into chapters that flow logically and make your writing process easier. 
  • Create a general writing plan that will guide your writing from the book’s introduction to the final chapter so you always know what to do next.
  • Identify the immediate book writing steps you will take upon completion of this VIP session.

You will also receive helpful templates to keep your book writing focused and on course.

With regained enthusiasm and confidence and a plan to carry you forward, your doubts will dissipate. Your writing time will become sacred. And your writing will begin to flow with ease!

The Get Your Mojo Back Book Writing VIP Session is by invitation only. Apply here.

Is This Book Writing VIP Session for You?

If you identify with at least one of the following statements, apply now to be considered for the Get Your Book Writing Mojo Back VIP Session.

  • You have a great idea for a nonfiction book that you know you are meant to write but you don’t know where to start.
  • You started writing a nonfiction book but it is now gathering cyber dust in a computer folder.  
  • You have tried book writing classes but discovered that group programs don’t keep you motivated — you want and need personal coaching and support.
  • You attended a book writing program and felt uncomfortable with the one-size-fits-all approach.
  • You want to make sure that your book idea and the writing you have already done align with your reasons for writing the book.
  • You are eager for a booster that will give you clarity, enthusiasm, validation and confidence about the direction of your book.
  • You are ready to make your book a priority and get it done!


Yes, I want to APPLY NOW for my private Get Your Mojo Back Book Writing VIP Session.

I understand that writing coach Rose Muenker will personally contact me about my application for the Get Your Mojo Back Book Writing VIP Session within 24 hours of receiving it. Prior to acceptance, Rose Muenker and I will have a phone conversation, at which time I may ask any questions I have.

This VIP session is private, confidential and conducted by phone or Skype. It can be recorded by request.

Please note: This session is for nonfiction books only.