Do You Have Great Goals and Dreams
But Can’t Seem to Make Them Happen?

There’s no better time than now to start turning your goals and dreams into reality…and to enjoy the process, too.

Doing it alone can be confusing, frustrating—and, yes, lonely. For many, coaching is the answer. It certainly has been for me! I’ve worked with professional coaches for a variety of  reasons, from starting a new business to preparing to hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim.


Benefits of Having a Coach

Here are several benefits I have personally experienced by having a coach:

  • A nonjudgmental, compassionate listener
  • Accountability to someone else to meet my chosen deadlines
  • Giving “voice” to my goals by stating them out loud to another person
  • Being able to ask “dumb” questions without feeling embarrassed
  • Valuing my personal and professional growth by investing in it
  • Access to the knowledge and expertise of a professional.

My clients experience these same benefits. Take a quick look at the various coaching opportunities available to you on the private coaching page.

Rose is a powerful coach in both writing and life skills. Her expert help editing and fine-tuning an article I wrote for a business magazine really boosted my confidence. And the article was accepted for publication. Rose provides an intriguing blend of professional writing coach and intelligent, down-to-earth life coach. She has the depth to listen, the enthusiasm to encourage and her own fascinating life experiences to draw from. I am always inspired by Rose and highly recommend her talents and gifts to anyone who wants to be a better writer and better person.

Susan Begeman Steiner
Executive Coach

Free Coaching Session

Better yet, discover for yourself what coaching is all about. Enjoy an enlightening, no-obligation, 25-minute complimentary session with me, Rose Muenker.  All you need to do is send a message requesting your free session and we’ll schedule a time together.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by having a free coaching session with me. Send your request today!

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