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Birth Your Book Idea!

Do you want to tell your story so badly it’s driving you to distraction, but you just don’t know where to start?

Take your book from concept to writing the first page, building a solid foundation along the way that will keep your writing flowing and on course, even when obstacles arise. This coaching package includes developing your working title, identifying your theme, purpose and readership, creating your storyboard (outline), and beginning your first draft. Unlimited email communication between sessions.

Start Writing Your Book!

Have you got everything in place — your working title, storyline, readership, pencils sharpened — but break into a cold sweat and feel overwhelmed when you face doing your book writing journey alone?

Grab a professional guide – me! With my guidance, you’ll create a writing practice and joyfully write, write, write, learning techniques along the way to keep you inspired, motivated and barreling over obstacles as you complete your first draft.

This coaching package builds on the foundation you already created for your book and starts with identifying and committing to the writing practice that fits your life style and rhythm. The package includes feedback on your writing to identify key strengths and specific writing skills needing attention, instruction customized to your needs, and techniques and guidance to counteract writing process obstacles you encounter. Unlimited email communication between sessions.


I was looking for a professional to focus on me and my work and I found exactly that in Rose. I quickly saw the benefit of our phone sessions as my work improved with each passing week. I found myself eagerly looking forward to our phone sessions as her feedback enabled me to build upon what I had already learned from her. Her suggestions were spot on, and her assignments were both challenging and rewarding. It was obvious to me that she cared about helping me achieve my personal goals and gave me a great foundation to reach them. She has taught me valuable writing techniques that I have been able to apply to the rest of my work, and I now feel more confident about the decisions I make in my writing. She was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to both young and experienced writers.
~ Rachel Stone, author of the forthcoming novel The Adrian Device, Denver, Colorado


Finish Your Manuscript!

Do you dread the essential process of wielding editing and revision knives on your beautiful creative manuscript?

Sculpt and buff your book into final form that will wow readers, editors and agents. Now that the creative process of your first draft is done, this is the next step before publication. For many writers, this necessary shift from their creative right brain to their logical left brain is challenging, even frustrating. But your participation is essential.

This coaching package takes the angst out of editing and revising your book as I guide and support you through sequential steps, including clarity and organization of your theme, consistency of tone,  style, voice and format, review of grammar, word usage, spelling and punctuation, and more. Unlimited email communication between sessions.


Your Investment

Each of these book writing packages includes a minimum of two private sessions per month, email access to writing coach and mentor, Rose Muenker, answers to your questions, and valuable templates and checklists to keep your momentum humming!  These packages also include a complimentary subscription to the Get Great Results ezine and weekly tips.

Your investment depends on the type of book writing package (whether one of the above, a combination of them or a customized package), the length of your commitment, the degree of interaction with your coach, and several other factors. The important thing is creating the package that meets your specific book writing needs at this time.


Your Next Step

Let’s talk! Whether you want to see whether one of these packages is a good fit, find out if you’re ready, or get more details,  send me an email and I’ll connect with you personally. I look forward to talking with you!

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