Writing from Source



A power resides in each of us. When we connect with this power, answers to our questions, and solutions to our problems become revealed.

Are you looking for the right solution to handle a difficult situation?

Are you trying to make a decision and don’t know which choice is best for you?

Do you need guidance in how to carry out a decision you have already made?


You have the answers inside you! Discover how to reveal them using Writing from Source. Several sources are available to guide your in using this process:

  • The ebook Writing from Source: 3 Steps to Get Your Answers Now! describes the process, guides you through it step by step, and provides ways to put the guidance you receive into practice. The ebook is available for a nominal price and provides free access to an audio guided session you can do on your own.


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  • The Writing from Source teleseminar provides the opportunity to experience the process enhanced with the powerful synergy of a group of like-minded individuals. (You can read a participant’s description of his experience below the form.) These 60-minute teleseminars are offered several times a year and are complimentary. Simply register by filling out the form below. You will receive a confirmation email with call-in details. You will also receive a reminder before the next call.

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Just a brief note to mention how important your “Writing from Source” has been for me. As you know, I made a template which leads me through your process and I use it often. That said, I have found it far more powerful to participate on your calls. You and my fellow participants get me into a state of presence and richness of material that I have not been able to duplicate on my own.

My partners and I have developed a very powerful culture change program with the foundational materials received from “Writing from Source.” Thank you very much for this extraordinary process.
~ Michael Basch, partner, Dental-Shift


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