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Yes, you’re strong and capable of doing things on our own. But to get moving, stay motivated and hang in there takes a lot of stamina and courage! Sometimes you need — possibly yearn for — a compassionate “ear” and the support and guidance of a professional coach.

All of that is available to you through private coaching with Rose Muenker. Here are several options. Look them over and when you’re ready to explore whether one of them is right for you at this time, contact Rose.



Does your writing yearn for an immediate burst of momentum? The 75-minute Writing Breakthrough Session is designed to: 1) identify what is slowing you down and 2) specify the immediate steps for you to take to get your writing back on track with confidence and enthusiasm. Find out more here.



What stage of the book writing process are you in right now? Whether you are at the concept stage eager to write your first words, in the thick of your story, or ready to prepare your manuscript for submission to an agent or publisher, you’ll find a package that meets your current needs. Take a look at the three book writing coaching packages available. Or if you prefer, we will create a custom package for you.

Coaching packages of 2 to 6 months, with 2 sessions per month, range from $497 to $1,297.



Do you feel you’re getting nowhere with your writing because your writing time is limited to a few stolen moments here and there? Give yourself a half day of uninterrupted time focused entirely on your book in a VIP session! If your style is to tackle projects in longer, concentrated bursts of time, a VIP session is ideal for you. These sessions are conducted by phone or Skype. Here are some options:


Book Writing Caoching Package Intensive

If your writing style or life schedule adapts better to 4 dedicated hours of writing coaching at one time than to 1 hour sessions spread over several weeks, you can choose to have a VIP session that is designed for the stage of your book writing journey. Each of these three book writing coaching packages can be structured for a laser-focused 4-hour VIP session.


Get Your Mojo Back Book Writing VIP Session

Has your book writing stalled, your enthusiasm waned and your inner critic taken over control? This 4-hour VIP session reveals exactly what is standing in your way, restores your commitment to writing your book and gives you a plan of what to do next and how to do it! Read a full description of it here. It may be the perfect solution for you!


Write To Your Heart’s Desire VIP Session

Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of your writing project and the various decision points it requires at this stage?  Would you like to have my undivided professional attention for four focused book writing hours so you can run every question and option by me the moment it arises?

If so, this VIP session is your solution! The session includes 4 hours of writing and professional guidance, a pre-session assignment so you are primed to jump right into your VIP session, and an action plan for your next steps. With hands-on, in the moment, personalized professional attention, this VIP session is all about getting a big chunk of your writing done!



This customized coaching package takes the pressure off as you get the expert guidance, support and expertise you need to communicate your message effectively to your specific readership. Here are some typical special writing projects:

  • A series of blog posts or ezine articles about the topics you plan to include in your book
  • Descriptions of your book.
  • Author bio.
  • Crafting a special report or information product.

1 to 3 months. The number of sessions and pricing vary by the type and complexity of your project.



Investing in private coaching is a major decision. That’s why I encourage you to schedule a time to chat with me to explore your goals and needs and to help you decide the next best step for you. All you need to do is send a message requesting a no-obligation conversation and we’ll schedule a time together.

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