• Does your writing communicate the message you intended – and effectively?
  • Does the content flow smoothly from beginning to end?
  • Is your writing clear and well-organized?
  • Is your tone and style consistent throughout and appropriate for your readership?
  • Is your writing free of incorrect word usage, grammar mistakes, and spelling and punctuation errors?

Whew! Those are a lot of questions. But critical ones. Every writer needs to ask these questions during the revision and final proofing processes – and before formatting your manuscript and sending it off to be published as an ebook or print book.

You certainly can do it alone or solicit the help of a friend. But if you would like professional support in preparing your writing for publication, I’m here to help with the following services.

Review and Recommendations of a Nonfiction Report, Ebook or Book

My review of your nonfiction report, ebook or book includes detailed written feedback and recommendations that address:

  • how effectively your writing communicates your message to your readers
  • content organization, structure and flow
  • clarity, tone and style
  • word usage
  • grammar
  • spelling and punctuation.

The writing service fee includes a written review and a 15-minute phone conversation* to answer your questions about the review and recommendations.
(*Longer for reviews of more than 1,500 words.)

You have two options:

1) ongoing review as you write your book

2) a one-time review when you have completed your final, pre-publication manuscript.

Your Next Step

Send me a message describing the writing service you want, along with your primary email, phone number and the best time to reach you. We’ll go from there.

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